8 MUST-SEE World Heritage sites In Africa

There are vacations, and there are journeys that are life-changing. Some unique destinations offer experiences that make your trip truly worthwhile. Traveling to such places exposes you to a whole new world of cultures, awe-inspiring sights, tantaliz

Grand destinations to celebrate Valentine's day in Africa

As February 14 approaches, a certain fever spreads across the globe and grips the heart of lovers, irrespective of their age. That day is a day when L.O.V.E. fills the air. Despite the controversies surrounding the origin of the celebration, one thin

10 beautiful tourist attractions in Dubai

Famous for sightseeing attractions, Dubai is a city with lots of cultural highlights and things to do, but in this post, we will highlight only the places you can visit while on holidays/vacations.

Dubai is a city of high-rise buildin

Bauchi state: The pearl of tourism

Bauchi State was created in February 1976 from the former North Eastern State by the former regime of Late General Murtala Mohammed. It is made up of 20 local government areas. Its capital is Bauchi.

Today we will tell you about some t

Delta state: How well do you know Nigeria’s Big Heart?

Delta State was created during the regime of General Ibrahim Babangida in 27th August 1991. it was formerly known as Bendel State.

Also known as “The Big Heart”, it has about 11 major towns with Warri as its biggest commercial city

7 Nigerian meals you should taste

Because of our rich cultural diversity and heritage, It is safe to say that Nigeria has one of the best and amazing cuisines which can be considered to be among the best in Africa.

Though there are other African countries that share si

The sights and sounds of Calabar

The city of Calabar is well known for its various tourist attractions. It has been described as a tourist’s paradise. No wonder the slogan of Cross River reads “The peoples’ paradise”.

This is because it has wonderful tourist a

5 resorts you can visit in Nigeria

Many families love to embark on family adventure and spend quality time with one another; this is apart from the yearly “End-Of-Year” return journey to their various hometowns. They have little or no ideas about beautiful family vacation destinat

Why you should visit Abakaliki

Abakaliki is the capital city of Ebonyi State, southeastern Nigeria. It is located 64 kilometres (40 mi) southeast of Enugu. The inhabitants are Igbos. According to Wikipedia, It was the headquarters of the Ogoja province before the creation of the

What to consider before making hotel reservations

When it comes to travelling, whether for leisure or business, booking the right hotel, with the right facilities in the right location can be a not-so-easy task even for some of the most well-travelled people.

While some people

5 exciting places you can visit in Kano

Kano state was created in 1967 and is one of the most prominent states in the northern axis of Nigeria. This state is bounded by Katsina, Jigawa, Bauchi and Kaduna states and has its capital in the city of Kano. It is an ancient city and has a lot of

Enugu: 7 beautiful places you should visit

Located in the south eastern region of Nigeria, Enugu was created in 1991 from the Old Anambra state. The name “Enugu” which is derived from Enu Ugwu means “On top of the hill”. It is said to be the oldest urban area in Igbo land.